L&C Skip Hire has been Teesside’s preferred supplier for a long time. Our speciality is providing flexible services that satisfy all requirements. This includes smaller domestic jobs and bigger industrial ones. We are known for providing the finest builders skips Stokesley has for these kinds of projects. Despite their name, there is a lot you can do with them, giving you plenty of flexibility.

With quick deliveries and the most competitive prices around, we offer help when it is needed. Not to mention, we see to it that our services are eco-friendly, green, and responsible. Skips are the containers of choice when you have to get rid of large quantities of waste from the property.

What exactly are builders skips?

Builders Skips StokesleyOur builders skips are one of the many available skip sizes. They are models of 6 and 8 yards. These are some of the most versatile units you can choose. Commercial and domestic customers love to use them due to the great amount of space. They actually have the capacity for most jobs. More importantly, you can often easily put them on private land. This last point is important because you can save money on permits.

One of the most important details to remember here is that 6 and 8 yards refer to the skip’s capacity. They are not going on about length. Before you hire any skips, ensure you know what the proper measurements are. Something you don’t want is mistakenly hiring the wrong skip. Come to us and we will give you advice and help you to choose the best builders skips Stokesley has.

The amount builders skips can hold

Even the slightly smaller builders skips have a reputation for holding a lot of rubbish. This is a huge part of the reason why they are so popular with industrial, domestic, and commercial clients.

Usually, 6 yard skips can give space for between 55 to 60 big waste bags. With the 8 yard models, it can be 70 and 80 bags. Giving answers that are more exact is tougher because it depends on what you are dealing with. Large bulky refuse like bricks will fill things up more rapidly.

Builders skips are some of the UK’s most popular containers. Domestic applications they come in handy for include home or garage clearances, common maintenance, and renovations. There are also the industrial and commercial jobs to think about. Examples of these include retail and office clear outs. They are useful for digging foundations and general landscaping as well.

What kind of waste goes inside these skips?

You are able to use builders skips for various types of rubbish. This is as long as you can legally dispose of everything in the skip. If there are any hazardous materials, you will need to deal with them using alternative means. We can offer you advice on this if you would like us to.

In terms of garden litter, you can get rid of tree branches, foliage, wood, and non-contaminated soil. Building waste you can get rid of includes bricks, concrete, and metal. As for household waste, you can put in furniture, packaging, and non-electric fittings.

Use our service for builders skips in Stokesley

At L&C Skip Hire we provide the best services for all kinds of projects. We have lots of options with our skips, from small 4 yard ones to the 6 and 8 yard, up to 12 yard open skips, and 20 and 40 yard roll off containers. We will deliver when and where you specify. Also, we will provide excellent rates for our industry leading services.

So, feel free to get in touch with us by phone or email if you need builders skips in Stokesley or other options. You can also order via our website if you prefer.