What waste do you need to get rid of?

You can put a number of items in a skip

Skips are perfect if you need to dispose of a large volume of waste from your home, garden or a commercial premises. You can put a number of items in a skip, including things like building, garden and general household waste. However, other items require specialist disposal so please enquire if you are unsure of anything.

We have several sizes of skips available to suit even the largest volumes of waste. Our options range from two yard domestic mini-skips to massive forty yard roll-on roll-off models. All of these are available for delivery to your site and we will place them carefully exactly where you need them.

Maxi Skips Redcar


We accept all types of Wood, bare wood, and also painted or treated.
Maxi Skips Redcar


We preferably accept Concrete that is dry and ideally broken up loaded manually by hand.

Chemical & Liquid Waste

We don't accept chemical & liquid waste due to potential spillage during transportaton and the problem of separating liquids in our waste transfer facitility.


We accept all types of carpets but there is an additional charge for this of £150.00 per tonne.

Animal Products

Animal products are strictly prohibited for our truck drivers to take, this is due to special requirements needed for the the contamination and disposal of animal products safely.


We accept Soil, one of the most common waste material for landscape gardeners. The soil will be recycled and reused.


We accept Glass, whether that's sheet glass or within a window frame. Laminated glass is charged by tonnage separately. Call for more information.


We accept all Metals including steel, iron, aluminium, copper and nails.


We accept different types of Plastics, which is a common waste material disposed of during home clearances.


We accept all types of Paper, a waste usually collected during varying sizes of office clearances.


We accept different types of Fabric, which is a usually a common waste material for shop clearances.

Food Waste

We are unable to take food waste as this requires a special licence and disposal requirements. All of your food waste should be disposed of with your normal general rubbish collection.


We are unable to take any type of oil waste, even if it is in sealed containers. Oil should be strictly taken to your local recycling centre, so that it can be disposed of in a clean and safe manner.

Tree Trunks

We can accept some tree trunks, however, we have a diameter restriction and this may in turn add an additional waste charge. Call us for more details.


We strictly do not accept asbestos in any circumstances. This is a very dangerous material and must only be removed by a specialist company that deals with asbestos.

Biological and Medical Waste

L&C Skip Hire cannot dispose of the following waste; human waste, which includes septic tank, chemical toilets, medical, radioactive and empty hazardous material containers.


Batteries such as lithium batteries require a separate and specialist disposal, they are an extreme fire hazard when damaged or come into contact with water. You must not place batteries in with your general waste or our skips.

Railway Sleepers

We can no longer accept railway sleepers, as of September 2023 they are considered a hazardous timber waste, which L&C Skip Hire are not licensed for.

Telegraph Poles

As of September 2023, telegraph poles are now part of the hazardous timber waste group, and we cannot accept them due to the type of chemicals they have been treated with.


We do accept Tarmac, but there is an additional charge of £50.00 per tonne.


We accept mattresses and there is an additional charge of £35 +VAT per mattress.


We do accept rubber waste, but there is an additional charge of £160.00 per tonne.

Metal & Wood Flooring

We accept metal & wood flooring, usually from house renovations with an additional charge of £115.00 per tonne.


Less than 10% - this will have to be agreed prior, then bagged if possble and placed on top More than 10% - this will require a skip solely just for the plasterboard.


We accept insulation, a waste material often disposed of during building renovations. There is an additional charge of £160.00 per tonne for this.


We do accept asphalt but there is an additional charge of £50.00 per tonne.

Fridges & Fridge Freezers

We do not accept fridges or fridge freezersin any circumstances, they are classed as hazardous waste due to the refrigeration gases inside. These gases can be very damaging to the environment and the Ozone layer inparticular.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is charged by tonnage separately and class as additional waste, call us for more information.