L&C Skip Hire has worked hard for years to supply first class skips. Our aim is to offer reliable and fast services that meet all your needs. Many of you will be doing a smaller domestic project. For those with bigger projects though, you will need larger skips. This is where the leading maxi skips in Darlington come into play. They are bigger units specifically for those jobs that are more ambitious.

With quick delivery and collection, as well as affordable pricing, we will be there with the right skip when you need us. Even better, we are a company that likes to look after the environment. Waste management practices here are green. At every given opportunity, we will recycle what we find in your skips.

There’s more than a single skip

Maxi Skips DarlingtonSkips exist in many sizes so they can help us with all kinds of jobs. A midi skip for example works well when you are dealing with clearances. If you are participating in a home renovation though, it likely won’t be enough. You may be best off using a maxi skip here. As a skip hire expert, we have our fair share of experience with this particular design; we can help you select the perfect size for any job.

The most common unit you can spot in the open is normally the builders skip. It comes with a cubic capacity of 8 yards. Maxi skips are far bigger. Their capacity starts at 12 cubic yards. Visualising these sizes can be tricky, so let’s have a look at some examples. For a 12 yard skip, you can usually place around 120 bin bags or 20-24 washing machines worth of litter inside. In a 14 yard skip, you can put in 140 bin bags or 24-28 washing machines worth.

Something else you need to know about these skips is that they have weight capacities. Skips that are overfilled or too heavy are dangerous to lift, remove, and transport. Due to their size, people like to fill their maxi skips with dense and heavy materials like bricks. The result can be a very heavy skip. You need to be careful to make sure we can still remove it.

The uses of maxi skips

As for uses, you can use maxi skips in Darlington for a fair share of them. They can help homeowners and businesses alike. During office refurbishments for example, there may be many desks and chairs to get rid of. Relying on a vehicle for these alone isn’t the ideal approach. If you have an on-site skip, everything is easier.

A home renovation or extension can benefit from these skips as well. They allow you to clear impressive amounts of light construction waste easily. So, choose them to get rid of things like tiles, floorboards, old cabinetry, worktops, and more.

What can’t go in?

With items you can’t put in these skips, there are some that are prohibited. Inappropriate things include fuel, clinical waste, batteries, and asbestos. Others would be fluorescent tubes, large electrical goods, paint, and solvents. Hazardous materials, gas canisters, food waste, plasterboards, and tyres can’t go in either. If you need any advice, you can ask us.

Other considerations

Before booking your maxi skip, there are a few things you will need to think about. For example, the placement must be suitable. Putting skips in the wrong place can cause problems. You might not even have enough room. Place each one somewhere it fits in. Our transport trucks will also need the space to drop off and collect the container. The spot where you want your skip shouldn’t be obstructed by things like overhead wires or walls.

Thanks to their considerable size, maxi skips are very heavy. So, they cannot go over manhole covers due to the potential for damage. They may not be suitable for driveways, especially during hot summers. If you put down a skip that is already heavy and fill it with waste, it could sink into your drive.

Work with our team and choose maxi skips in Darlington

Skips offer their users a convenient and practical way of storing and transporting waste. When you need to hire one, you’ll want to make sure you are working with us. L&C Skip Hire is an affordable, punctual, and trustworthy establishment.

So, whether you are a commercial or domestic client, we can give you the finest maxi skips in Darlington. Get in touch to learn more and order, or book via our website.