Waste disposal is much easier with L&C Skip Hire. We have our own facility and a massive selection of skips. Add in our skilful drivers and passionate team, and you get the best service in the region. So, if you want maxi skips in Hartlepool or smaller models, you can rely on us.

A massive capacity

If you have a project that will produce a lot of waste, a maxi skip could be the best choice. They are one of the largest models you can choose. Dimensions are typically 11.5ft by 5.5ft. They can then be more than 6ft tall. This is much larger than a 5ft by 3.5ft mini skip.

Those dimensions give you an idea of the size of the skips, but you should also look at the capacities. It tells you how much waste you can actually put in them. A maxi skip can have room for as much as 120 black bags of rubbish. There is also enough space for larger things like building waste. To compare, a mini skip typically has a max capacity of 35 black bags.

Suitable for most projects

Maxi skips HartlepoolYou can choose maxi skips in Hartlepool for all kinds of projects. The large size and capacity makes them ideal for large domestic clearances, building work, renovations and more. There should be enough space for flooring, fittings, furnishings, bricks, and more.

This is one of the most popular skip sizes for commercial work too. They can be perfect for construction sites. Businesses who are renovating shops, offices, and other premises can rely on them.

Maxi skips can also be good for industrial uses. However, it is important to think about safety and suitability here. Businesses can’t put any harmful or non-recyclable materials in a skip. This includes paint, solvents, chemicals, and more.

Planning your booking

If you want to have the best experience when choosing maxi skips in Hartlepool, there are several things to think about before you book. Let’s look at them.

Firstly, keep the dimensions we mentioned above in mind. You will need to ensure you have enough space on your site to place the skips. Remember to also factor in how much space you need to leave around a skip.

Secondly, you must think about access. Skip delivery vehicles can be quite large, especially when you choose big skips. You have to make sure the vehicle will be able to physically get to your site. Think about potential hazards like overhead cables too. If there are access problems or dangers, you may not be able to hire a skip.

Lastly, always make sure you understand and plan for the weight. Empty maxi skips can weigh several hundred kilos. This can increase dramatically once you throw waste in. If it rains, they can get even heavier. You must make sure the ground is stable and will support the weight of the skip. If it sinks or shifts, it can become dangerous and very difficult to remove. Plus, there is a risk to manholes, utilities, and delicate surfaces.

Booking maxi skips in Hartlepool

L&C Skip Hire is a reputable company that offers waste solutions for almost any need. We have lots of skips, from mini to maxi and roll on/roll off models. Therefore, we are confident we can provide a service for any kind of domestic or commercial project.

A big advantage of working with us is we always consider the environment. We will recycle as much waste as we can, ensuring we don’t simply throw resources into landfill. It is much better for the environment.

So, if you want to learn more or need to book maxi skips in Hartlepool, contact us. You can also place your order via our website.