L&C Skip hire offers exceptional services, disposing of waste effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner. Clients can rely on us for a variety of projects, including domestic and commercial clearances. If you need a large skip with a great capacity, we have the solution. Choose maxi skips in Middlesbrough and you can get rid of a huge amount of rubbish in one go.

How big are they?

Maxi Skips MiddlesbroughSometimes it can be hard to visualise how big a skip actually is. The simple way is to look at the physical dimensions. The smallest skip is 2 cubic yards. That translates to 5 feet long, around 3.5 feet wide, and around 2.5 feet tall. The biggest skip is 12 yards. They are massive in comparison; 11.5 feet long, 5.5 feet wide, and over 6 feet tall.

Another way to look at it is the capacity. This is physically how much waste you can put in one. The smallest 2 yard skip can accommodate between 25 and 35 black bags of rubbish. A maxi skip can accommodate far more, generally as much as 120.

What to use them for?

Because of their size, you can choose maxi skips in Middlesbrough for a huge array of different projects. They can be the best option for domestic renovations, giving you plenty of space for old flooring, fittings, furniture, and more. You can also use them for building work, including extensions and new builds.

Many businesses will also choose a maxi skip if they need to clear out or are renovating. They are one of the best options for commercial projects because of the size, convenience, and value.

It is important to note you can’t put a number of different things in a skip, including maxi ones. If materials are hazardous or non-recyclable, you need to think about another solution. For example, you can’t put paint, solvents, or plasterboard in them.

What to think about when booking?

If you are considering hiring maxi skips in Middlesbrough, there are three crucial things to think about. Firstly, as we said above, the units are large. That means you need to ensure there is enough space to place them. Think about safety and how much space you also need to leave around them.

In addition, you need to think about access. The vehicle that delivers the skip will be large. You need to ensure it can get to where you want the container and unload it safely.

Finally, you must think about the weight. The skips are over 300kg when they are empty. Then you add all the weight from the waste you put in them. You must ensure the ground is able to support it; the last thing you want is for the skip to sink and become impossible to move. You also need to ensure you don’t place it on top of manholes or utilities.

Order maxi skips in Middlesbrough

L&C Skip Hire specialises in helping clients with waste removal. We can deliver skips for a wide array of projects. You fill them and tell us when we need to collect. Then, we do the rest, prioritising sorting and recycling as much of the rubbish as we can. It is better for the environment and can save resources.

If you need any help deciding on what size skip would work for you, feel free to contact us. You can also get in touch if you need advice about what can go in a skip. We’ll help you to book maxi skips in Middlesbrough if they are right for you. Or, you can select the 12 yard model on our website.