L&C Skip Hire has been Teesside’s preferred skip specialist for many years. Our aim is to offer flexible services that satisfy all kinds of demands. Apart from delivering when and where you need us to, the service includes providing a multitude of sizes. We even have the highest quality maxi skips in Redcar in our inventory. Top this off with competitive pricing and you have a service you can’t ignore.

A practical and convenient solution

Maxi Skips RedcarSkips offer their users the most practical way of storing and disposing of waste. When you need to hire one, you’ll want to ensure you’re working with a punctual and trustworthy business. We meet all these requirements. Whether you are a commercial or domestic client, we can help.

As we said above, there are skip sizes to match different jobs. A midi skip for instance can take care of a few bits of miscellaneous litter. With a home renovation though, it may fall short. If you have a large project, you’d be better off with a maxi skip. As a business with a wealth of experience in this industry, we can tell you all about these skips.

The maxi skip explained

The most common skip design is usually the builder’s, which has a capacity of around 8 cubic yards. Maxi skips are much larger, with their capacity beginning at 12 cubic yards. It can be challenging to visualise these sizes though. So, let’s look at some examples. With a 12 yard skip, you can place roughly 120 bin bags or 20-14 washing machines worth of waste inside. For a 14 yard skip, you can put in 140 bags or 24-28 washing machines.

Another fact about skips is that they will come with a weight capacity. If they are too heavy or overfilled, they are dangerous to remove. Because of their size, many individuals are tempted to fill them with heavy and dense refuse such as bricks. This can quickly result in the skip exceeding the weight limit. If you’re unsure of how much you should put in yours, talk to us. We can offer advice if you choose maxi skips in Redcar or other sizes.

In terms of uses, maxi skips have a considerable demographic of users. They can aid both business owners and private homeowners. For instance, following an office refurbishment, there might be a lot of chairs and desks to dispose of. It can be troublesome to load them into a vehicle. With an on-site skip though, it is easy to dispose of them. A home extension or renovation can also take advantage of the skip. With one, you can clear quantities of light construction waste quickly.

Items unsuitable for your skip

However, there are also certain items you shouldn’t place in these or any other skips. Unsuitable goods include clinical waste, asbestos, batteries, and fuel. Others are large electrical appliances, solvents, paint, and fluorescent tubes. Gas canisters, plasterboard, tyres, food waste, and hazardous materials aren’t appropriate either.

What to think about?

Before you book your maxi skip, there are some details you need to think about first. For instance, you need to get the placement right. Putting skips in the wrong place can complicate matters.

It is also possible that you might not have enough room. Ensure you put your skip where it can fit. In addition, due to the trucks being large in size, they’ll need enough space to do deliveries. Again, make sure there is sufficient space. Where you want your skip positioned shouldn’t be a spot obstructed by walls or overhead wires either.

Because of their massive size, maxi skips are really heavy. Therefore, you shouldn’t put them over manhole covers as they can damage them. This applies to driveways as well, particularly in summer when it is hot. If you put down an already heavy skip and fill it with heavy items, the skip might sink in and harm your drive. Should the situation call for it, we’ll advise on alternative solutions.

Work with us if you want maxi skips in Redcar

The skips we offer are suitable for many tasks. Should you need us to, we can provide them at times convenient to you. We’re also a team that’s committed to environmentally friendly practices. Everything gets disposed of in an ethical and responsible manner here. By recycling as much as we can, we restrict the level of waste that goes to the landfill.

So, if you want the finest maxi skips in Redcar, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can arrange everything, including ensuring you can keep a skip for as long as your project calls for.