L&C Skip Hire has worked hard to become one of Teesside’s premier suppliers of skips. Our goal is to ensure customers have access to reliable, quick services. These are ones capable of satisfying anyone’s needs. Some will need containers on the smaller side. Others will be working on something that requires a bigger model, like the best maxi skips in Yarm. With quick delivery and collection, as well as competitive pricing, we’ll be there with the skip when you need it.

The main aim here is to make everything as convenient as we can for you. We’ll drop off your skip and put it in the exact place you need it. After you’re done, we will collect it. In regards to skip positions and delivery times, we’re fully flexible and can adjust things to meet your specifications. Not to mention, we are a green company that recycles the contents of our containers every chance we get.

There are many skips to try

Maxi Skips YarmSkips exist in different sizes to tackle all sorts of projects. A midi skip for example works well if you’re clearing a garage or shed. When it comes to home renovations, it likely won’t be enough. This is particularly true for bigger endeavours like new kitchen installations.

Builders skips tend to be the most common skip design, with a capacity of 8 cubic yards. Compared to these, maxi skips are much bigger. They are 12 cubic yards. Visualising the size isn’t the easiest task. To help, we’ll use some examples. For a 12 yard skip, picture enough space for 120 bin bags or 20 to 24 washing machines. If you need maxi skips in Yarm to get rid of this volume of rubbish, speak to us.

Something else you need to know is that skips have weight capacities. Units that are overfilled or too heavy are dangerous to lift and transport. Due to their size, many people think they can stuff them with whatever they want. This includes dense waste like bricks. Skips can exceed their capacity rapidly when you have heavy waste. If you’re not sure how much of your rubbish can go in your skip, talk to us. We’ll tell you all you need to know.

Applications of maxi skips

As for applications, the maxi skip has plenty to speak of. They can work for both homeowners and business owners. After an office refurbishment for example, there could be a lot of desks and chairs to get rid of. Putting these into a vehicle can prove difficult. When you have an on-site skip, it is much easier.

A renovation or home extension, loft conversion, or similar project can make use of maxi skips in Yarm as well. With them, it’s possible to clear small amounts of light construction waste easily.

Important considerations

There are certain items you can’t put in a maxi skip. This includes fuel, asbestos, clinical waste, and batteries. Other examples would be paint, solvents, large electrical appliances, and fluorescent tubes. Food waste, tyres, plasterboard, gas canisters, and hazardous substances also aren’t suitable either.

Before booking your maxi skip, you will also have to think about the placement. Putting any skip in the wrong place can cause issues. You may not have enough room either. Make certain your skips are somewhere they can fit. Our transport trucks are also on the larger size themselves. They’ll need enough room for deliveries. The place where you want your skip dropped shouldn’t be somewhere obstructed by overhead wires or walls either.

Thanks to their considerable size, maxi skips are on the heavier side. So, you can’t put them over manhole covers as this can damage them. The same goes for driveways too, especially during the hot summers. If you put down a skip that’s already heavy and put more items into it, the unit could sink into your drive. Should you need alternative solutions, we’ll offer advice on them.

Work with us if you want maxi skips in Yarm

L&C Skip Hire offer users the most convenient and practical way of storing and transporting waste. When you need to hire a skip, you’ll have to work with an affordable, punctual, and trustworthy provider. We meet these requirements. Whether you’re a commercial or domestic client, our team can help.

So, let us know if there is anything we can do for you. You are welcome to contact us for information about maxi skips in Yarm and more. Or, you can book via the website if you know what you need.