L&C Skip Hire is known as one of Teesside’s premier providers. We offer flexible services that can satisfy any specification. With our help, you can handle all sorts of domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. To ensure you complete these jobs effectively, we can supply you with the greatest mini skips Billingham has. In addition, our prices are competitive and we deliver all containers quickly.

You can put many objects in skips

Mini Skips BillinghamA skip is excellent if you have to get rid of a large amount of waste from your property. There are all sorts of goods you can place inside one. Examples include household and garden rubbish. Other articles will call for a specialist solution. If there is anything you are not sure of, we can discuss it with you. However, a good rule is that if the waste is hazardous or items contain anything hazardous, they can’t go in a skip.

There are many skip sizes available. The mini variety is among the most notable though. As the name implies, these are the smaller skips you can use. Their standard size is 2.5 cubic yards of capacity. You shouldn’t let the small size fool you though; they are some of the most useful tools around.

When can I use mini skips?

You can complete all sorts of jobs with the greatest mini skips Billingham has at your disposal. This includes residential and commercial work.

One task that pops up frequently is plasterboard disposal. It is not possible to put this material with other waste. The approach contractors make is hiring a mini skip to function as a secondary container. As a result, you can keep these materials away from everything else.

Somewhere else you can use mini skips is with clearing out general debris. People doing final cleanup jobs get good use out of them too. They may be the perfect size for your property.

The clients we’ve aided have used the skips to excellent effect. They are wonderful for smaller DIY projects. Moreover, the low height makes filling them without much help feasible. Furthermore, the small footprint enables you to fit them on most driveways. If you have a large enough driveway, your car could still fit in there.


One particular reason why people love using mini skips is their ease of use. They are relatively compact. Such an attribute makes them manoeuvrable, so you can put them almost anywhere on your property.

Since they are simple to use, you won’t have to spend much time loading them. You can fill up your container and then have us come to collect it. When it’s in our hands, we will recycle as much of your waste as possible.

Recycling ties into our next point about mini skips. They are among the most eco friendly methods of waste disposal. Rather than travelling to a landfill, we can take your trash to our recycling centre. As a result, we can keep our environment safer.

We’re the team to work with for mini skips in Billingham

With L&C Skip Hire you can arrange the most practical and convenient waste disposal services. We are a team you can rely on for all kinds of projects. Our drivers are professional, as a result skips will arrive at the dates and times you specify.

So, if you need our mini skips in Billingham for your commercial, residential, or industrial work, talk to us. You can get advice about projects, skip sizes, and more. Or you can book via our website.