L&C Skip Hire has worked its way up to becoming one of Teesside’s leading providers of skips. We’re known for offering some of the highest quality mini skips in Darlington and other areas. Our services are flexible too, and designed to satisfy all your needs. With fast delivery and competitive prices, you can’t go wrong with us.

The perfect disposal tools

Skips are the ideal tools if you’re needing to get rid of large quantities of waste. You can use them at home, in the garden, and on commercial premises. There are various items you can place inside them as well. However, there will be others that demand more specialist attention though. Here, we can offer you advice on alternative solutions.

We do have a multitude of skip sizes available, but mini skips are particularly noteworthy. As their name implies, these containers are smaller in size. The standard is 2.5 cubic yards of capacity. Don’t let their size fool you though; these are among the most useful models.

What can I do with a mini skip?

Mini Skips DarlingtonYou will be surprised to hear that you can complete many jobs with the best mini skips in Darlington.

One common commercial job for is plasterboard disposal. You cannot mix it with other kinds of litter or you will contaminate everything. Contractors therefore can make use of mini skips as secondary containers. They are able to keep it separate from other materials. As a result, processing is simpler. In some cases, you can use a secondary mini skip to clean up standard waste on a site. Moreover, they come in handy for final cleanups.

Our domestic customers get the most usage out of mini skips. The reason is that they are the perfect size for smaller DIY jobs. Also, their small height makes filling them without much help a breeze. Even better, they can fit on most driveways. Also, they are more cost effective than full size models. Such features make them one of the most popular waste management solutions.


Generally, these skips are compact and small, leading to easy usage. They are supposed to be manoeuvrable. So, you can place them almost anywhere on your property. Moreover, thanks to the ease of use, you don’t have to spend time loading and unloading larger containers. Instead, you fill your skip up and have us collect it later on. You can then rest easy knowing your waste is being handled in the correct way.

Another main advantage of mini skips in Darlington is their eco friendliness. They are a wonderful waste management solution. Instead of sending your litter to the landfill, you can depend on us to take it and recycle what we can. An approach like this lowers greenhouse gases and pollution levels. As a result, it helps to protect our environment.

Bathroom refurbishments, garden clearances, and small kitchen renovations are all possible with mini skips. Using a skip that is 2.5 cubic yards in length might not appear to be much at first. But, you’d be surprised at how much you can fit in.

Use our mini skips in Darlington

Our skips are the ones to use if you need to get rid of more litter than usual from a residential or commercial property. They are efficient, cost effective, and safe. More importantly, you can use them for almost any kind of project.

The service here is professional from beginning to end. We supply the foremost mini skips in Darlington every time. Also, we have years of experience and expert drivers. So, if you need our aid, feel free to contact us or book via our website.