L&C Skip Hire is one of Teesside’s leading providers of skips. Our team supplies flexible solutions that meet the client’s every need. Some will want them for smaller domestic projects. Others have large construction jobs to tackle. Whatever the case, if you are looking for the finest mini skips in Hartlepool or want a larger model, you have come to the right place.

A versatile solution

Mini Skips HartlepoolSkips are the ideal tools to use when you must dispose of large quantities of waste. You can choose them for commercial, garden, and home premises, even the smaller models. There are all sorts of items that can go into these containers too. Examples include household, general, and green waste. Other objects will require more specialist attention though. You can talk to our team about that.

As you might have guessed, mini skips are the smallest category available. The regular size is 2.5 cubic yards of capacity. They have the same shape as other the containers, but they are the most compact designs. Don’t let their small stature fool you though; these containers are among the most useful.

When do mini skips come in handy?

You can get many jobs done with one of these models, including commercial and residential ones. We can provide mini skips in Hartlepool for all kinds of needs.

One recurring job that comes up is plasterboard disposal. You can’t put this with other waste. What contractors can do is hire a small skip to act as secondary containers for it. It will be possible to keep these materials separate from everything else. The result will be easier processing and no cross contamination.

Another scenario where you can use them as secondary containers is when you need to clear general litter. Not to mention, they are useful during final cleanup jobs.

The clients we’ve worked with have gotten much use out of mini skips over the years. They are perfect for smaller DIY projects. What’s more, their low height makes filling them with minimal help feasible. Even better, the small footprint they possess allows you to fit them on most driveways. Depending on the driveway, you could potentially still park your car too.

Why use them?

One of the main reasons why people use the mini skips in Hartlepool is how easy they are to handle. Because they are compact, they’re very manoeuvrable. You are able to put them nearly anywhere on your property to suit your needs.

Because of how easy they are to use, you also won’t have to waste time on loading and unloading. You fill the skip up and then have us come to collect it. We will take it off your hands and send as little waste to landfill as possible. If anything is recyclable, we’ll recycle it.

Speaking of recycling, the eco friendliness is another reason why so many people choose skips for waste disposal. Instead of taking your waste to a landfill, it can go to a recycling centre. This lowers the pollution and greenhouse gases it will generate. As a result, the environment benefits massively.

Mini skips are definitely bigger disposal containers than you think they are. They have a really impressive capacity. You can place around two and a half tonnes of packed rubble into one of them. It is an impressive feat for the smallest skip on the market.

Choose the best mini skips in Hartlepool

Our goal is to offer the most convenient and practical waste disposal solutions. At the same time, we aim to provide fantastic prices. It ensures you get everything you need from us without a huge cost.

When you need to hire skips, we make it very easy to book online or by calling us. You can then use yours to tackle commercial, domestic, and industrial projects. So, choose your skip today for any project.