We’ve been one of Teesside’s go-to businesses for skip hire for a long time. Our team can give you the highest quality mini skips Redcar has to offer. They can help you complete a myriad of projects. At the same time, they are small enough to fit on many private properties. With quick delivery and reasonable prices, we’re available when you need aid. Not to mention, we’re a responsible establishment that strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

As the name implies, mini skips are on the smaller side. The standard size comes in at 2.5 cubic yards of capacity. The shape they possess is the same as their counterparts, just on a miniature scale. Despite their small stature, they are very useful.

What can I do with a mini skip?

Mini Skips RedcarYou’d be surprised at the number of jobs you can complete using these skips. They include residential and commercial ones.

One of the most common commercial jobs for mini skips is getting rid of plasterboard. You’re not able to mix this with other forms of waste. Contractors are able to hire a mini skip as a secondary container for it. They can keep it separate from other substances, resulting in easier processing.

At times, a secondary mini skip comes into play to clean up general rubbish created on sites. In addition, you can use them for those final cleanups after a project concludes.

Our domestic skip hire customers also get a lot of use out of mini skips. This is because they are the ideal size for smaller DIY and home improvement jobs. On top of that, their low height makes them extremely easy to fill without much help.

The small footprint of these skips means you can fit them on the majority of driveways or gardens. You may even have room remaining to park your car.

As an extra bonus, they are more cost efficient than full size skips. This makes them one of the most attractive waste management solutions for domestic clients. So, choose mini skips in Redcar for your project.

Using them is easy

The ease of use for mini skips is one of the main benefits. Normally, they are compact and small. They are meant to be manoeuvrable, meaning you can place them nearly anywhere on your property. Also, since they’re so easy to use, you don’t need to waste time loading and unloading bigger containers. What you do instead is fill the mini skip up and have our team come to collect it. Afterwards, you can rest easy knowing your litter is being handled in the right ways.

The mini skip’s eco friendliness is another of its leading advantages. They are a fantastic waste disposal solution. Rather than taking your rubbish to the landfill, you can have us take it away and recycle it. Such an approach minimises the greenhouse gases and pollution. It helps to safeguard our environment.

Small kitchen renovations, bathroom refurbishments, and garden clearances are all jobs you can do with this kind of skip. The size may not seem like much initially. However, it is surprising how much can actually fit in the best mini skips Redcar has.

To give an example, think about a bath in a house and how much it is able to hold. A mini skip can hold roughly twelve times as much. In truth, you’re able to fit around two and a half tons of packed rubble inside one. For the smallest model of them all, that is impressive.

Start using our mini skips in Redcar

Our skips are ideal if you need to dispose of more waste than usual from commercial or residential premises. They are useful for garden projects too.

You’re able to place a multitude of items inside these containers as well. General household and building wastes are good examples. There are other items that need more specialist attention though. If you’re unsure on whether your items can go inside our skips, feel free to talk to the team.

The service we offer remains professional from start to finish. We have the top mini skips Redcar has, professional drivers, and years of experience. So, if you’re interested in working with us and using our solutions, you can call or email us or book online.