If you have waste to dispose of, getting a skip can be one of the best solutions. There are lots of options, including large and small models. L&C Skip Hire provides a full selection of them for all kinds of jobs. So, if you need mini skips in Stokesley or larger ones, you can rely on us.

Mini but not tiny

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give clients is not to underestimate the capacity of skips. Even the smallest models can have an impressive capacity. There is 2.5 cubic yards of space. In total you can pack as much as 2.5 tonnes of waste in them. All you have to do is ensure you are packing the skip properly so you don’t leave voids and waste the space.

To put make it even clearer, you can fit more waste in a mini skip than you can in the back of a car. It is vastly more than you can fit in a wheelie bin. So, even a small model can give you a convenient way to get rid of a lot of rubbish.

Easy placement

Mini Skips StokesleyWhile the small size means you don’t have as much space as larger skips, there is a massive advantage. The compact mini skips are easier to place on sites. In fact, skilful drivers like ours can even overcome access issues like walls. They can carefully place a skip on a driveway, front garden, or other parts of a site.

The size is also beneficial because it means people should still be able to move around easily. This is great news for domestic and commercial projects.

Great value for money

Mini skips in Stokesley are suitable for all kinds of budgets. Because they are the smallest model, they are the cheapest. That makes them incredibly accessible. If you compare to services like man with a van, they can be the best option.


A crucial advantage with skips, whether you choose mini or larger ones, is services are better for the environment. Waste in skips goes for sorting. Different streams can then go for recycling. This is far better than all of the rubbish going to landfill. It saves resources and means fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


Mini skips are fantastic for a massive selection of jobs. As we said above, the size means you can easily put them on most drives and gardens. This can allow you to do various domestic projects such as home clearances, renovations, and garden work.

There are also a number of interesting commercial applications for the skips. The capacity can be enough for small clearances or upgrades. Some businesses use them as secondary modules so they can segregate waste during construction work.

The easy way to hire mini skips in Stokesley

L&C Skip Hire is one of the best specialists in Teesside. We respect our area and strive to recycle as much waste as we can. This also ensures that clients can get services with us confident we are responsible.

The best thing about working with us is we can ensure you get the exact service you need. As part of this we can advise you about which materials can and can’t go in skips. We can also help clients to choose the right size and think about placement. If necessary we can arrange permits to put a skip on public land too.

So, if you need mini skips in Stokesley, speak to us. Or, if you know what you need, you can book on our website.