Here at L&C Skip Hire, our goal was a simple one; to assist all of our customers with their waste management needs however we could. Thanks to our hard work, we have been able to transform ourselves into the leading business for skip hire in Stokesley. We can supply skips suitable for any need, be they from the industrial, commercial, or domestic sector. In addition to being reliable, our services are affordable.

The perfect disposal tool

Skips are ideal if you have a considerable amount of waste to dispose of from your property. There are many objects that can go inside one of these containers. This includes standard household, garden, and building refuse. Many items cannot go inside the skip though. Instead you must choose specialist disposal that will handle the materials properly. We can make sure everything is appropriate for the skip and take care of anything that isn't. If you are unsure about what can you put in a skip, just take a look at our information page, or you can call us and speak to us about it.

Skip sizes

As for the skip sizes, we have a wide array of them available. The options start at our two-yard mini skips, which are perfect for domestic use. They go all the way up to our massive forty-yard roll-on roll-off models, which are more suitable for larger projects. We can deliver each one to your premises and collect them once you finish filling.

Protecting the environment

We are proud of our status as a local firm that can offer the finest skip hire Stokesley has. Not only this, but we are also delighted with the ability we have to safeguard the environment. There are no bad practices here. Instead, we get rid of everything using the correct methods and avoid landfill as much as we can. Not to mention, we stick to the set environmental standards to ensure that things go right the first time.


Whenever we need to deliver a skip, we employ professional drivers to handle our vehicles. Furthermore, there is an excellent degree of flexibility with the delivery times. It is the same with the positioning of our skips. Therefore, the next time you require a skip, you can take advantage of our brilliant services. They can be yours for some of the most reasonable prices too.

Contact us to arrange skip hire in Stokesley

You may need to use skip services at some point in the future. If so, there are many ways for you to get in touch with us. The first choice you have is ordering our skip hire online. You can email us as well using the address If you prefer to speak to us, please call our main office on 01642 430106.

Whatever option you choose, you can rely on us to offer the best skip hire Stokesley can ask for. Let us handle your waste for you.

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