L&C Skip Hire is a company dedicated to providing clients with a spectacular local service. With us, you will find the highest quality skips Stockton has to give. The containers are available to suit a wide array of requirements. They are ideal when you are up against huge quantities of waste with no idea of what to do with it. Whether it is a home renovation or clearing large premises, we have a solution for you.

When it comes to waste disposal in commercial and residential environments, it is always a good idea to have a cost effective disposal plan. Many methods do exist, but skip hire is the best for many reasons.

An eco-friendly practice

Skips StocktonOne of the reasons why this is such a popular option is that it is eco-friendly. Options that are good for the environment are always the best. Sadly, litter is not something that is always managed particularly well. There are those who resort to dumping items in the wrong ways and places.

With our professional skip hire, we have the ability to sort out all your refuse properly. We recycle or reuse as much of it as we possibly can. This keeps items away from landfill and preserves natural resources. You also get to take advantage of the highest quality skips Stockton has to offer.


Skips also amplify safety. Simply leaving litter in the garden or at a construction site can put people in harm’s way. If it is not stored properly it can cause injury and illness. With skips, you can put everything all in one place and ensure it is out of the way.


Skip hireAnother fact about skips is that they are as reliable as they come. Wheelie bins may give you an opportunity to safely get rid of your refuse. Yet, there are restrictions in terms of size and what you can put in them. If you produce a lot of waste or items not safe to go in the weekly collection, you need to find another option.

Using our skip hire team is a reliable solution since we let you select a size that is appropriate. Furthermore, we collect the litter once the hire comes to an end. There is no need for you to wait until a certain point in the week.

No legal troubles

There is something else we would like to mention that is highly important; skips can help you avoid legal problems. Regardless of location, local authorities are keen on how we dispose of our waste. Strict rules are in place to oversee the procedures. For one thing, there are certain places you can’t put skips without the authority’s permission. Moreover, you can’t fill skips past a certain level. Our team fully understands the laws and restrictions in place so there won’t be any trouble with us.

Get in contact with us to hire skips in Stockton

The next time you require the best skips Stockton has available, you should contact our team. You are free to do this over the phone using the number 01642 430106. Alternatively, you can email us. The address is info@skiphiremiddlesbrough.com. You can also hire a skip online if you know what size you want.