A few things to consider when hiring a skip

A skip is a useful way to clear a site quickly. They are most useful when you’re getting rid of recyclable waste like scrap metal, building rubble, green waste or paper and cardboard. Items that would be deemed hazardous can’t be put in skips; they need to be disposed of professionally and safely, depending on what they are. Before hiring a skip and filling it, you should ask the provider whether they can handle your waste.

Once you are sure a skip is for you, it is time to get all of the details correct. You need to make sure it can be delivered quickly so you can get started with your clearance project. You must also get the size right; it may be best to overestimate the size you need rather than try to overfill the skip. There are sizes specifically for building, commercial and industrial sized projects so it should be easy to find a suitable one for your needs.

The next thing to do is ask about the price and what it includes. Some providers will give you a single fee for everything whereas others will charge for each individual element; you’ll need to be clear on this if you want to avoid surprise bills. One thing you should definitely ask is if you need a permit to put the skip on the road outside your property and how much this will cost. Some providers will arrange it for you and include the cost in their rate whereas others won’t.

If the skip is being placed on the road outside the property, you need to be clear on how long you will need it and ensure it is properly lit at night. You must make sure the module is visible for every road user to avoid accidents. Lights should be added to both ends of the skip and along the length so drivers can tell when they have passed the obstacle safely.

When you arrange to get a skip delivered you’ll need to consider access and loading and unloading. Delivery vehicles are typically between 8.5 and 9.5 feet wide so you need to account for this. Some will swing skips off the back of the vehicle whereas others are roll on/roll off. You should be clear on these points and make sure the skip can be dropped and positioned easily. If there is any obstacle in the way you’ll need to remove if it possible or choose a different service.

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