A midi skip has a larger capacity than you might think

As a local provider of skip hire in Middlesbrough and the wider region, many residents have come to depend on us whenever they find themselves burdened with a lot of rubbish. With skips of varying sizes available, there is one for every kind of situation. From spring-cleaning to construction efforts, we have just the container needed to hold and dispose of the waste.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a midi skip is the model that has a capacity of 4 cubic yards. This measurement may not seem all that substantial to you, but if you try and picture forty dustbin bags worth of rubbish you’ll get a better idea of the capacity.

If any of your garden or home projects will result in this much waste being produced, then this is when you go with a midi skip. The module helps you keep all of the waste in one place and means it can be removed from the site in one go rather than multiple trips. You can generally keep skips for as long as you need them too, accounting for the length of time the project takes.

With the numerous varieties of skips within our industry, it can be difficult to decide on which one best matches your needs. To help, we can provide you with expert advice and guidance on which is most appropriate for the given situation. If you let us know what it is you intend to use your skip for and how much waste you expect to generate from your work, we will be able to tell you which to hire. After all, the last thing you want is an overflowing module that cannot be taken away.

At L and C Skip Hire, thanks to our drop off and collection services skips can be with you at a time you specify and will be collected once they are filled up. We will understand if your skip can only be delivered at certain times, but not to worry, as our delivery times can be incredibly flexible.

If you would like to learn more about the midi skip or any other size we have to offer please get in touch. You can also ask us questions about the items that can go in skips and how we tackle disposing of them. We are pleased to offer advice and assistance.