Complete your large scale spring cleaning

Spring is a busy time of year in the skip hire industry. As the days start to get lighter and brighter, many people start to think about freshening up their homes and business premises, and disposing of waste and unwanted items they have been holding on to through the winter. Skips are the most convenient choice for dealing with these materials.

It is always an important responsibility to ensure your rubbish is disposed of properly rather than simply being dumped. This is another great reason to choose a skip, especially when you decide to work with a dedicated provider who is committed to protecting the environment and recycling.

Before you hire a skip, consider the nature of the waste you need to dispose of. This will give you the chance to get a better idea of the materials so you can make sure they are appropriate for disposal in a skip. It is also important to roughly determine the volume of rubbish to get an idea of the skip size you need. Be conservative with your size estimate, as it is better to have a little space left over than risk overfilling your skip and having to hire an additional one. You can save space by breaking down materials and bagging them up properly but you’ll still have limitations in terms of the weight and fill level of the skip. The last thing you want is to find the provider can’t take the skip away because you have overfilled.

At L&C Skip Hire we have a large number of skips in a variety of sizes ready to dispatch to clients. We offer fast services and fantastic value for money, whether you want a small skip for a few days or an industrial sized one for a longer project. We are based in Middlesbrough and work with people across Teesside and the surrounding counties, so make us your first choice when you need a responsible and practical waste handling solution.