Making efforts to prevent landfill build-up

Offering a local skip hire service to the people of Middlesbrough is always something that we’ve taken immense pride in. Our success with it has allowed us to expand to serve the neighbouring towns too, including the likes of Thornaby, Stokesley, Hartlepool and many others. Whatever the reason you find yourself in need skips, we will be able to assist you.

Landfill sites are scattered all across the UK. These chunks of land are used to dispose of an array of waste materials, including a mixture of commercial and household items. Household garbage is mainly comprised of plastics and organic wastes, whereas commercial is typically made up of inert rubbish like soil, bricks, concrete and rubble. They may have been our earliest form of managing waste, but in the present day we have learned that they aren’t very practical. Recycling is the better choice, especially for the environment.

To begin with, landfill sits can be expensive for taxpayers because they need to be maintained with care. This money could definitely be spent better on means to recycle and re-use the rubbish. This is far more prudent and avoids the issues of landfills altogether. Another reason why we shouldn’t be adding to them is that the gasses that are produced can pose quite the fire risk.

Methane is the primary gas in this situation. It is highly combustible and can lead to a fire with just a small spark. This can cause a huge problem as the array of different rubbishes can release all kinds of toxic fumes when they are burnt. Additionally fire fighters will have a tough task overcoming the blaze because they don’t know exactly what is buried on the site.

At L and C Skip Hire, we ensure that your waste is recycled whenever possible to prevent building up landfills. All your waste will be sorted so that nothing that’s recyclable mistakenly gets disposed of incorrectly. Whenever you need an environmentally friendly yet effective means of disposal, we are the ones to call.