Making sure legal regulations are met

If you are undertaking some work or renovations at home, or simply having a thorough clean out of clutter, you may be looking into hiring a skip to dispose of the waste and debris. We can offer a complete service when it comes to skip hire in Middlesbrough and throughout the whole Teesside area, ensuring that your experience is as smooth and effortless as it should be. As part of our service, we ensure that all necessary legal regulations are met and the necessary permits are obtained before a skip is placed.

The use of skips in residential areas is subject to strict controls by the local authorities. In Middlesbrough, the Council evaluates each application to place a skip on individual merits. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is in the best interests of the community that the skip licence be granted in order to ensure safe and efficient waste removal. However, this does not mean that licenses are granted unconditionally. Factors such as the positioning of the skip and how long it needs to be in place are considered, especially if it must be placed on a road rather than on the grounds of a property.

Many people assume that there is some sort of tacit or unwritten agreement that the authorities don’t mind skips being placed without permits in residential areas. In fact, this is far from being the case. Authorities, home owners and skip hire companies alike are obliged to comply with the laws of the Highways Act 1980 in terms of where a skip may be placed and for how long.

Middlesbrough Council expresses a preference for skip suppliers, rather than the people hiring them, to apply for the licence for placement. We agree entirely with this view and act accordingly as we believe it gives our valued customers a better standard of service. People seeking the best skip hire Middlesbrough has to offer know that when they choose us, they get a service where all official and logistical matters are taken care of. All you need to worry about is clearing out all the waste and debris into our skip, leaving you free to concentrate on your renovations or cleaning up around your home.