Thinking about renovation

A lot of people across the UK will be looking at their homes and thinking about spring cleaning. Some may even be planning larger renovation projects. In both cases skips can be really useful. As a top provider of skip hire Hartlepool home owners can rely on, L&C can offer lots of advice to make your project easier. Continue reading

Safety tips for when you use a skip

Skips are definitely one of the best ways of managing and disposing of waste. However, you need to ensure you take care when you use one. There are some hazards to consider and things you will have to do to maximise safety. Below are some of our top tips. Some of them are common sense but others you need to plan for. As the top provider of skip hire Redcar has, we are always happy to offer advice like this so clients have the best service. Continue reading

Your guide to an environmentally friendly Halloween

When you have the challenge of disposing of a large amount of waste, you will need more than your regular bin. What you really need is a container big enough to hold it all. We assist clients with this by offering skip hire Hartlepool locals can rely on. Our team delivers the skips at the times our clients specify. More importantly, we have several sizes available for all volumes of rubbish. Continue reading

What should I do with my old TV?

Skip hire StocktonPeople use skips to dispose of large amounts of waste from their property. In these kinds of situations, a skip will prove to be far more useful than regular bins. Without them, you would find yourself making multiple trips to disposal facilities. It is not difficult to find a service either. We are the top company for skip hire Stockton has, so local clients can always rely on us. Continue reading

Reducing plastic bag usage

With any kind of service, you will want one that is reliable and affordable at the same time. Our local business is here to give you just that when you need skips. With us you will find the best skip hire Hartlepool has to offer. There is a considerable collection of units here so we are sure we will have one that can meet your requirements. Continue reading

The metals that are worth recycling

Skips are the best option if you have a large amount of waste to take care of. You tend to produce more when tackling some kind of home renovation project. However, it can merely build up over time if you neglect to clear out on a regular basis. If things do get out of hand, don’t worry. Our team is here to provide the best skip hire Redcar has available. Continue reading