Recycling scrap metal

Recycling scrap metal is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of reusing unwanted resources. After a home clear out or building project, you might find some leftover metals. Fortunately, there are several options available to you. Using local recycling centres is simple and leads to less waste going to the landfill. When you use our skips, we recycle as much as we can. So, always consider us for skip hire in Hartlepool and other areas.

Besides helping the planet, you can make some additional cash from your items via scrap metal merchants. For creative individuals, you can change your leftover scrap into furniture or artwork. This can be a fun way to reuse the metal.

What kinds of scrap metal are there?

Skip hire HartlepoolLet’s discuss some of the different types of scrap metal you can encounter. Generally speaking, you can separate them into non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

The easiest way of differentiating these two groups is that ferrous ones are magnetic. Non-ferrous ones aren’t. What’s more, ferrous metals come with a high carbon content. This makes them vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Everyday objects made of them include ovens, cars, and fridges. Actual metals in this category include wrought iron and various types of steel such as mild and stainless.

Since non-ferrous aren’t magnetic, they tend to be more resistant to rust. Usually, you’d use them in building and construction materials. Examples include electrics, guttering, and pipes. Non-ferrous metals include tin, zinc, brass, lead, nickel, bronze, aluminium, and copper.

There are also precious scrap metals. They are typically found in jewellery and electronic devices. For example, some can contain gold and silver.

Separate kinds of scrap metals all possess their own recycling values. Thus, you must divide and treat them accordingly. If you’re in need of the finest services for skip hire in Hartlepool, give us a call.

What can you do?

Next, we’ll go over what you can do for scrap metal collection. Let’s say there is a fair amount to deal with. If so, taking everything to a buyer or recycling centre might not be possible. Some scrap collectors will come to your property and remove everything for a cost. They will either clean everything up for reselling or take it for recycling.

Skip hire is another way of having the metal collected. You just need to make certain none of the goods fall into the category of what you can’t put inside skips. Roll on roll off, enclosed, and large units are usually best for scrap. With these skips, all metal will be properly contained, increasing safety. Once we collect your container, the scrap metal will get sorted and prepared for recycling.


Whatever you decide to do with your metal, make sure it is properly prepared. Start by identifying what metals you have. Non-ferrous and ferrous materials come with separate recycling methods. Separate them into suitable groups. Afterwards, you can clean your metals and remove contaminants. Deal with any rust, paint, or oil using sandpaper or a wire brush to help. Wipe the metal down using a clean cloth before doing anything else.

For large items, you might need to break them into smaller pieces. This is particularly important for skip hire. Use the right cutting tool if you need to cut things to size.

Lastly, you can bundle or box up your scrap metal objects for recycling. Labelling your bundles can help if you are selling.

Use us for skip hire in Hartlepool

At L&C Skip Hire, we use our skips to help clients dispose of large quantities of waste. This can come in many forms, from scrap metal to construction debris. With our range of sizes, you can deal with even the largest quantities of rubbish.

So, let us know if you need the foremost services for skip hire Hartlepool has. Our costs are fantastic and we ensure we deal with waste as efficiently as possible.