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Why you shouldn’t put plasterboard in a skip

Skips are very useful for domestic and commercial renovation projects. However, you need to be careful with the waste you put in them. Some items are not appropriate for this kind of disposal because they are hazardous. If you are planning a project, it is best to ask the provider for details. As one of the top names for skip hire Stockton has, we can help any local clients with this. Continue reading “Why you shouldn’t put plasterboard in a skip” »

Safety tips for when you use a skip

Skips are definitely one of the best ways of managing and disposing of waste. However, you need to ensure you take care when you use one. There are some hazards to consider and things you will have to do to maximise safety. Below are some of our top tips. Some of them are common sense but others you need to plan for. As the top provider of skip hire Redcar has, we are always happy to offer advice like this so clients have the best service. Continue reading “Safety tips for when you use a skip” »

Christmas is coming and so is the skip

With waste disposal, every situation is different. Since this is the case, you need to make sure that the right services are available to you. Our business can help you here by offering the finest skip hire Redcar clients can ask for. It is a very convenient service and one that lets you work with the most professional people in the industry. Continue reading “Christmas is coming and so is the skip” »

Your guide to an environmentally friendly Halloween

When you have the challenge of disposing of a large amount of waste, you will need more than your regular bin. What you really need is a container big enough to hold it all. We assist clients with this by offering skip hire Hartlepool locals can rely on. Our team delivers the skips at the times our clients specify. More importantly, we have several sizes available for all volumes of rubbish. Continue reading “Your guide to an environmentally friendly Halloween” »

How has the lockdown affected waste disposal?

With skip hire, Stockton residents want one thing more than anything else. That would be a reliable service. Our company is here to give this to you, at affordable prices no less. In order to satisfy the requirements of all our customers, we have a large collection of skips available. They range from our 2-yard models to 40-yard ones. Continue reading “How has the lockdown affected waste disposal?” »