The right size for the right job

Skips are popular because they offer a practical and convenient way to dispose of waste. You need to be careful when hiring one though. Not working with a reputable or trustworthy supplier can lead to unforeseen problems. Ours is a team that understands how to provide the leading services for skip hire in Redcar and other parts of Teesside. We offer the right size skip for each job, delivering it on time to the location you specify.

Changes abound

Skip hire RedcarIf you spend a lot of time at home on the weekends, you might be looking around to see what you want to change. You might decide to rip out massive fixtures and fittings so you can start fresh. Or, you may want to do a simple clean out to free up room. In both situations, skip hire is perfect for your house clearance efforts.

The difficulty here is deciding on the best skip size for the work. You don’t want one that is too big, as you will overpay. At the same time, you don’t want one too small, as you may need to order another one. Whatever the case, you would end up paying more than necessary. With this dilemma being a problem for many, we are going to explain how you can pick the right skip for your particular project.

Standard skip sizes include 4-yard, 6-yard, 8-yard, 10-yard, 12-yard, and 14-yard skips. With these sizes in your mind, we can offer some context now. So, let’s go over some different house clearance projects these skips are viable for.

Smaller jobs

Beginning small, there is cleaning out the loft or garage. There could be many boxes to shift here. They could contain old clothes, books, or other things you don’t need anymore. In these cases it is a good idea to use 4 or 6-yard skips. These are small but effective for the task at hand. Contact us if you need the foremost services for skip hire in Redcar.

Bigger projects

Moving to a bigger project, you might be clearing out everything in one room to do a renovation. Whether you’re aiming to clean and convert the garage or bedroom, you’d be best off with 8 or 10-yard skips. You’ll certainly want the bigger ones if you have furniture to move.

Perhaps you are doing even larger scale work like clearing the whole house or renovations. Maybe you have large suites of bathroom or kitchen fixtures to throw away. If so, the 12 or 14-yard skips will work wonders. They permit you to do refurbishments or house clearance jobs without needing to fret over waste disposal.

What can and can’t go in the skips

Another important detail is what you can put in a skip. By knowing this, you will be certain that you are disposing of rubbish in the correct, responsible way. Fabrics and papers from clearances are acceptable. The same goes for any plastic or metal or wooden furniture. If you’re disposing of tiling at all, this can go in too.

There are going to be restricted materials that you won’t be able to throw in as well. This includes things like liquid waste, solvents, paint, and chemicals. Skips can’t take tyres, oils, or batteries either. These call for their own special disposal methods. In addition, if you’re doing kitchen renovations, freezers, fridges, and other electrical equipment can’t go in the skip.

There are a couple of things you need to be extremely careful with. Asbestos isn’t suitable for the skip. In fact, you shouldn’t even disturb it yourself. Plasterboard typically can’t go in skips either.

We know what to do with skip hire in Redcar

At L&C Skip Hire, we offer advice to clients to ensure they receive the most suitable skips. The team also commits to environmentally friendly business practices. We’ll dispose of everything using a responsible and ethical approach. As much of your waste as possible will be recycled.

So, if you need the top services for skip hire in Redcar, give us a call. Alternatively, book via our website and arrange everything with a few clicks.