Get all your summer projects done with a skip

Most of us will have a list of jobs to do at home this summer now that we’ve got some nicer weather. What you might want to do is look at getting a skip to help you dispose of all the waste. It can be the most effective solution, and the best one for your wallet too. L&C can provide the best skip hire in Hartlepool and all across Teesside. So, rely on us to help you.

What are you planning?

Skips are a great choice for all kinds of projects. So, let’s have a look at some of the ones you might have lined up.

Skip hire Hartlepool

Sprucing up the kitchen

Summer is the season for cooking outdoors, with most people ready to take any opportunity to BBQ. So, why not give your kitchen some TLC while it has a rest? You can do a number of things to make it feel fresher, such as new flooring, painting the walls, or even changing the cabinet doors. A skip is perfect here; you can throw the waste in for safe, eco-friendly disposal.

Organise the shed or garage

If you look in your shed or garage, it will probably feel a little bit smaller than it should. These are areas where we typically store things quite haphazardly. There are probably a fair few old things here you don’t need as well. With good weather, it could be the perfect time to pull everything out and see what you can get rid of. You’ll be amazed how big sheds and garages actually are when you clear and organise them properly.

If you do want to hire a skip for these jobs though, make sure you check in case some of the things you are disposing of can’t go in it. Talk to us about skip hire in Hartlepool and other areas for advice.

Improve the garden

Whether you have a tiny garden or a huge piece of land, there will probably be a number of jobs to do. Maybe you need to get new fences or build new walls. Perhaps the patio or deck needs some work. Or, maybe you want to dig a new firepit. Whatever you have in mind, a skip is great for getting rid of the waste.

Loft conversion

One of the biggest projects you can take on is converting the loft. It is a great time of year to do it though, with warm weather making it easier to do things like install new roof windows. It can totally transform your home, giving you a huge amount of new floorspace to use. A skip is great here because it’s perfect for getting rid of different construction materials. Just be careful with things like plasterboard and insulation.

Bathroom upgrades

Summer is easily the best time of the year to do different jobs in the bathroom. The warmer weather means it will dry quicker if you need to repaint the walls or ceiling. In addition, if you do larger upgrades like new flooring or a full new suite, you can rely on a skip to dispose of the waste.

Do you want reliable skip hire in Hartlepool?

L&C is the perfect partner for all of your summer projects. We can offer different skip sizes for all kinds of needs. For example, you could choose a 2 yard for various small projects. Or you could opt for an 8 yard or 12 yard unit if you will be producing a lot of waste.

If you need advice on sizing, we’d be happy to recommend a unit. So, get in touch today and ask us about skip hire in Hartlepool. Or, book via our website in a few easy steps and we’ll do the rest.