What waste type do I have?

With so much waste being produced each year, we all need to ensure it gets categorised properly. Everyone is responsible for the safe, proper disposal of all forms of waste. This includes recycling when possible. Our goal here is to discuss the different types of waste you can come across. We will give some examples and look at the most efficient disposal methods. Then, if you need skip hire in Redcar, you can rely on us.

Liquid waste

Skip hire RedcarFirstly, we have liquid waste. It is any liquid that needs disposing of. Examples include sanitary waste, detergents, wash water, oil, and grease. You can find it in households and numerous industries.

Safe disposal is essential here to keep humans, wildlife, and the environment protected. Otherwise, there will be a huge risk of surface water pollution. It is the same for greenhouse gas releases and soil contamination.

You can handle liquid waste in three ways. These are disposal, treatment, and containment. If you need aid, it is best to talk with specialists. There are several common liquid waste disposal practices. However, you typically won’t be able to choose skip hire in Redcar.

One of the methods is dewatering. Here, you separate non-hazardous soil from the liquid waste. This happens when it’s pumped into a durable container. You then treat the water, recycle it, and reuse it.

Sedimentation is another practice. You utilise gravity to separate water from solid waste that is non-hazardous. Like with dewatering, the liquid gets treated and reused.

The last method we’ll go over is incineration. Hazardous liquid waste gets disposed of in this manner. Examples of waste include chemicals and acids. Specialised furnaces expose the waste to extreme temperatures. They convert it all to gases and ash. It is possible to dispose of the ash safely in landfills. Gases need extra treatment before you can release them into the atmosphere.

Solid waste

Another variant is solid waste. This refers to discarded or unwanted materials such as sludge or rubbish. You can dispose of a lot of it easily in a skip, recycling bin, or general waste bin. Included here are glass and ceramics. These materials can cause injuries and accidents if not dealt with properly. Glass is very recyclable and needs to go in skips or recycling bins. For ceramics like bathroom or kitchen tiles, skips are the best solution. Talk to us if you need the top services for skip hire in Redcar.

Plastic is another solid waste. Some are recyclable while others aren’t. Look at the packaging for details on how to dispose of them.

Then there are papers and metals. Paper isn’t difficult to recycle. Anything made from cardboard or uncoated materials is recyclable. Examples include wrapping paper, boxes, greeting cards, and newspaper. As for metals, you can put these in a skip and recycle most of them.

Hazardous waste

Finally, we will discuss hazardous waste. This is generally not suitable for skip hire in Redcar. As you might have guessed, it is harmful to the environment and people. We define it as toxic, reactive, flammable, and corrosive. Examples would be brake fluid, solvents and chemicals, and asbestos.

Depending on the type you’re dealing with, there are three treatment methods to use. Incineration, or thermal treatment, happens at very high temperatures to detoxify the refuse.

Secondly, you use biological treatments. Here, you mix waste with surface soil carefully on an appropriate tract of land. Nutrients and microbes sometimes get added to enhance the procedure. It can break down the waste safely.

Physical treatments are the last option. This includes evaporation, sedimentation, filtration, flotation, and solidification. Post treatment, the waste remains require disposal. Usually, this happens in a landfill, underground, or in the ocean.

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