Filling different sized skips

One of the best things about choosing skips is you can select a size to suit your needs. It could be a small one for a simple clearance. Alternatively, it could be a commercial size one for construction work. Whatever the case though, you need to ensure you take care when loading it. We want to have a look at what you should be doing when filling different sized skips. Then, if you want skip hire in Hartlepool or other local spots, you can speak to us.


Skip hire HartlepoolThe most important thing, no matter the size of the skip, is to ensure it is stable to begin with. The ground should be level and flat. Never put a skip on a slope because it can become unstable. If that happens, it could shift and put people in harm’s way.

You should also take care to fill the skips evenly. Again this is vital for every size skip. You shouldn’t risk piling all the waste at one end because it could cause instability and make it shift. The best method is to start by putting waste in each corner. You can then fill the middle and start building up from there. Make sure the corners are roughly equal at all times.

Never overfill

Whether you have a small skip or a massive one, you should never overfill it. It can be incredibly dangerous and may mean the provider won’t remove the skip. In terms of overfilling, make sure nothing is sticking above the fill line.

Placing heavier waste

Another thing to keep in mind when you are filling different sized skips is how to place the heaviest items. Ideally you want to put them at the bottom, close to the middle. The goal here is to keep the weight as even as possible. Speak to us to arrange skip hire in Hartlepool.

Air pockets and voids

A great trick for maximising the capacity of a skip is to ensure you aren’t wasting space. It is easy to do this by leaving air pockets and voids. They are also dangerous as they can allow waste to move. The best thing to do is fill the skip evenly, ensuring you pack it as carefully as you can. In addition, break down things like boxes.

Dividing the waste

A really helpful thing you can do is divide the waste up into categories. You can then place it in different areas within the skip. This will make it easier to manage everything in the future.

Covers or netting

Once the skip is full, you should use netting or a cover to secure everything. It will prevent materials from falling or flying out during transit. A cover or tarpaulin can be especially good to ensure dust and dirt isn’t dispersed. Or you can choose a skip with a lid.

Do you need skip hire in Hartlepool?

All of the tips above will help you with filling different sized skips. Just remember that the larger the size, the more care you actually need to take to balance the waste and ensure you don’t overfill.

If you need to arrange skip hire in Hartlepool, you can do it easily with us. One call is all it takes, or you can do it via our website. We recommend getting in touch if you need advice about choosing a size or disposing of different types of waste.