Placing a skip on a road this winter

With skip hire in Middlesbrough, they can be placed on a public road in certain cases if there is insufficient space on the property itself. Before doing this you need to determine whether or not you need a permit. Skip hire companies will usually take care of this for you. But, there are some cases when you’ll need to do it yourself. You can contact your local council for information. They will likely enquire about your project and the location to determine how much disruption the skip will cause.

skip hire MiddlesbroughWhen you put a skip on a public road you need to ensure it is positioned correctly and clearly visible. It should be straight and as close to the kerb as possible. This will leave the maximum amount of space for road users to get around it. Care needs to be taken not to block drains. This will restrict drainage and could cause flooding.

Ensuring the skip is visible is even more important in autumn and winter when the days get shorter and it gets dark much earlier. In order to maximise the visibility of the skip, you need to use reflective markings and night time safety lamps. Cones with reflective bands should also be a suitable distance from the skip. This will help warn road users they are approaching it.

If you don’t get a permit for the skip you can face big fines and penalties. You can also end up with a fine of up to £1,000 for not using safety lights and markings. It is vital you think about the wellbeing of other road users and meet your obligations if you do need to put a skip on the road.

Reach out for skip hire in Middlesbrough

At L&C Skip Hire we offer flexible services for clients across Middlesbrough and the wider region. We provide a comprehensive service, from checking whether you need a permit to delivering the skip at a time that suits you. When we place them on the road we will ensure they are easily visible and minimise the hazards for other road users. This is the case regardless of the time of year.

To find out more about the skip sizes we offer, the type of materials you can put in them and the prices please contact us. We will answer all of your questions and offer a competitive quote.