Planning for skip hire

Skips offer a flexible solution when you need to get rid of a wide array of waste, whether it is rubble from a construction project, soil from a garden, timber, mixed metals or non-hazardous household items. Even the smallest ones can hold more rubbish than a wheelie bin and as the size increases so too does the capacity. The biggest skips are used for commercial projects and hold a huge volume of items.

When you choose skip hire there are two important things to confirm to ensure you get the right service to suit your needs. The first is the type of waste you need to get rid of. You cannot dispose of any items deemed hazardous in skips, whether it is tyres, asbestos, plasterboard, paints or batteries. It is crucial you check what can and can’t go in a skip or you could face the prospect of the company not being able to take the waste away and larger bills as a result.

The second thing to confirm is the skip size you need. There are many to choose from including smaller ones for homes, medium sized for businesses and the largest industrial ones. It is important to choose a suitable one for your needs, keeping in mind the volume of waste you have to deal with. If you underestimate the clearance could take longer, especially if you are faced with having to hire a second module. This also results in increased costs.

At L&C Skip Hire we offer flexible services for clients across Middlesbrough from all sectors. As part of the service we will help you to determine if a skip is the best option for your needs and decide what size you need. We have a huge amount of experience so we can answer any questions and satisfy all kinds of requirements.

We have operated in the area for many years, expanding our services to cater for clients across the whole region in that time. Our customer base includes a number of loyal clients who regularly call on us for skips. They appreciate our flexibility, cost effective prices and commitment to meeting their needs.