Playing your part in protecting the environment

When you hire a skip it is essential that you make sure the company supplying it will handle your waste effectively and dispose of it in an appropriate manner. This is your responsibility and you should show due care to the best of your ability when ensuring you choose the right provider. If you don’t take care you could end up choosing a service where your waste will end up in landfill or worse, being fly-tipped.

Fly-tipping is when waste is dumped at a site that is not licensed to receive it. The practise can cause all kinds of problems including harming the environment and presenting a safety concern for the people that come into contact with it. Illegally dumping waste is a big problem in the UK and results in large costs to clean it up. Property owners can help to resolve the issue by choosing the company to remove their waste very carefully.

The best waste clearance and skip hire providers will always prioritise recycling and strive to dispose of waste in the most environmentally friendly manner. You should enquire about this before making a booking, remembering to ask specifically about how each type of rubbish is managed and processed. If you know what kind of waste you need removing it makes this easier.

At L&C Skip Hire we provide a flexible service for clients across Middlesbrough and the wider Teesside region. We are committed to handling all kinds of waste in the right way, ensuring as much of it is recycled as possible. We are strongly against fly-tipping because of the severe damage it can cause to the environment and the harm to wildlife and humans alike.

When you hire a skip from us, whether it is a small unit or a large industrial one, we will deliver it on time and collect it when you are done. The waste will go directly to our site where it is stored securely before being sorted and processed. We follow environmental standards very carefully to make sure risks are reduced to a minimum. For a flexible skip hire in Middlesbrough or in your local area, please contact us.