Removing waste for an affordable price

When you’re hiring a skip, value for money is important, but you should always remember that you are responsible for where your waste ends up after it leaves your site. It is important you choose a company that will manage the waste properly rather than simply dumping it. Before you settle on a provider you should always ask about their green standards and management policies.

Skip hire charges are relatively straightforward and usually depend on the size of the module you need and the length of time you want it for. You may also need to pay for a permit if it needs to be placed on the road or pavement outside your property. Most skip hire companies will do this for you, but you will have to cover the charges. You’ll need to make note of the length of time the permit is valid for, especially if you are planning a large project that could take weeks or longer.

One of the best ways to ensure you get the most value for money from skip hire is to get the size of the module you need right. The smallest modules will always be the cheapest, but it is more affordable to choose a larger size than to underestimate how much waste you need to get rid of and have to get two or three smaller ones. Remember there are load limits on every module in terms of fill height and weight. If you are unsure what size you need for the volume of waste you have, it is best to ask the provider for advice.

At L & C Skips we focus on affordable and efficient skip hire in Middlesbrough and throughout the surrounding regions, and we have a range of different sized containers to suit any kind of requirement, whether it is a domestic clearance or a commercial building project. We strive to ensure our clients get the most for their money, including advising them on which sized container we feel is the best for their needs. We can also advise clients about the things they can and can’t put in skips so they can arrange the best disposal methods for all of their waste, whatever it may be.