The most important skip hire tips

Whether you hire a skip for a building project or a house clearance, you will want a reliable service. L&C provides just that, offering great prices, convenience, and conscientious waste disposal. When it comes to skip hire, Stockton has nobody better than us.

One thing that we love to do is give people tips about how they can get the most from their skips. The following are some of the most important ones.

Use all the space

There are a few easy things you can do to make sure you can fit as much waste as possible in your skip. Firstly you need to avoid wasting space by leaving air in bags. When you seal a bag, you can trap air inside. The volume is space going to waste. It is better to compress the bags to remove the air so you have more room for rubbish.

Another thing you can do here is pack the skip with care. If you just throw materials in it is likely there will be large gaps. However, if you plan, break up materials and place them properly to fill gaps, you will fit way more in the skip.

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Don’t put food in it

While it is perfectly fine to put most empty food packaging in a skip, you should never throw away any actual food like this. What could happen here is it could sit for several days. That could attract pests and cause awful smells.


The demand for skips is quite steady for the whole year, even in winter months. So, you need to be careful when you book one. Don’t leave it until the last minute or you may find you can’t secure the delivery slot you want. It is better to book in advance. This can also help you to avoid having bags or piles of rubbish sitting outside.

Ask for help

Some people rush into hiring a skip thinking they have a good idea of how much waste they have. While this is fine in some cases, it may be better to ask the provider for some advice. They can offer more details of how much waste can fit in each size of skip. This could help you avoid things like over or under filling.


While it is not always necessary, there are some situations where you will need a permit for your skip. This is most likely if you are putting it in a public space, such as on the road outside your home. Some councils require you get permits to do this. It is a good idea to check whether you will need one before you book.

Think about the surface

You need to ensure the surface where the skip will sit is flat, level, and sturdy. You don’t want it to become unstable, especially when it is full of heavy waste. However, you also need to think about potential damage here. For example, if you have a nice block driveway you may want to avoid putting a skip on it. The last thing you will want is to damage it during skip delivery or removal.

Choose the best skip hire in Stockton

L&C is one of the top local skip experts in our region. We strive to offer the best services for every single client, whether it is a private individual or a business. Our prices are excellent and we can provide advice about sizes, delivery dates, types of waste, and more.

So, you can always rely on us to offer the most reliable skip hire Stockton clients can ask for. Get in touch today if you have questions or browse our site for more info.