Think twice before simply throwing away glass bottles

L&C Skip Hire is a firm that is proud not only to serve its community, but also the environment. What we mean is that we dedicate ourselves to recycling as much as we can from the contents of our skips. It is for this reason among others why people consider us the foremost establishment for skip hire Middlesbrough has. If you’re after a green and efficient waste disposal solution, you can find it with us.

Glass is one of the most common substances that you can recycle with complete confidence. Furthermore, the materials don’t lose purity and quality due to processing. This means minimal waste.

Why is it important to recycle glass bottles?

The biggest benefit is it will reduce the costs associated with modern living. After making the decision to recycle, you’ll be preserving countless raw materials and saving on energy. This is because fewer fresh materials will be necessary. By extension, you’re reducing CO2 emissions.

Glass bottles take up a sizeable amount of room in our landfills as well. This is because the material isn’t biodegradable. If we reuse them however, we’d be freeing up valuable space for non-recyclable articles. Broken glass presents a hazard to dumps and landfills too. Therefore, removing them from the equation shall boost the overall safety of site maintenance and litter collection.

How does the process work?

Once glass has been collected and properly sorted, it is crushed into tiny shards referred to as cullet. After crushing, the glass undergoes treatment to get rid of any contaminants that could corrupt the recycling procedure. Cullet melts at high temperatures. At the same time, key constituents are introduced to the liquid glass. Finally the molten glass is re-cast into new products.

At L&C Skip Hire, experienced drivers who offer a brilliant degree of flexibility with delivery times transport skips to you. Additionally, our advantageous drop off and collection service will see to it that your module arrives at the time you designate.

We are very proud to be the most flexible team for skip hire Middlesbrough has. If you believe that one of our skips would prove useful to you, please contact us.