Who can make use of skip hire?

While our skips can be used to efficiently remove any waste or refuse away from a location, by and large they are most frequently used at properties where construction or renovation work is taking place. It’s usually the case that any work of this nature generates a tremendous amount of rubble and waste, and so a skip is used for at first storing it and then quickly removing it from a site.

For this reason, some people assume that only professional builders or construction contractors can hire and make use of skips. However, this is absolutely not the case. As long as the correct permits are obtained and it is used for the legal purpose intended, then virtually anyone can hire and make use of a skip, whether they need it for a clearance job at home or for a large-scale industrial task. When you choose our service, you can do so in an affordable and supportive way.

The fact that anyone can hire and use a skip is underlined by the fact that the number of people using our services increases from year to year. With increasing property prices, whole house clearouts and DIY self build renovation work are becoming more common, as people are looking to improve their current homes rather than moving to new ones. This means that the requirement for a skip to clear away waste has increased significantly. We can assist you every step of the way, obtaining the right permits and arranging drop off and collection times to suit the needs of your project.

If you’re looking to clear away a significant amount of rubble, waste or rubbish from your property then our skip hire in Middlesbrough provides you with the best way of achieving this. Our skips are available to all clients for domestic, commercial and industrial jobs, and lets you achieve your aims with ease.