Your guide to an environmentally friendly Halloween

When you have the challenge of disposing of a large amount of waste, you will need more than your regular bin. What you really need is a container big enough to hold it all. We assist clients with this by offering skip hire Hartlepool locals can rely on. Our team delivers the skips at the times our clients specify. More importantly, we have several sizes available for all volumes of rubbish.

Halloween produces a lot of plastic

Skip hire HartlepoolOne of the scariest things about Halloween is the amount of refuse that is generated each year. There are estimates that say we create roughly 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste just from costumes. This is a shocking piece of information. However, it is even more surprising when you think about the sweet packaging and decorations.

The biggest issue with all the plastic that comes from Halloween is the waste can pollute the water and land. When you don’t get rid of this material properly, it can end up in the ocean. This affects all sorts of marine life. One way to dispose of the waste carefully is to come to us for the best skip hire Hartlepool can offer.

Some other ideas for being greener at Halloween

One way you can stay green is by creating your own costume. In 2018, an investigation into seasonal outfits from various retailers was carried out. According to the findings, 83% of materials included oil-based plastics. These would probably end up going to the landfill. As a result, if you want to help the environment, you could create an impressive DIY costume that will stand out.


Something else you can do is cut down on how many plastic decorations you use. It is not difficult to use objects you have in your home to generate some supernatural, eco-friendly decor. Then, if you want to have some other bits you can choose ones you will use again next year.


It is also possible to be environmentally friendly with your pumpkins. In addition to decorations, they let you make more treats for everyone that visits. When selecting your pumpkin, do your best to visit a local farm shop or farmer’s market. As well as supporting independent businesses, you can lower your carbon footprint.

Reliable and affordable skip hire in Hartlepool

At L&C Skip Hire, we aim to provide a first rate service to all our customers. You can use skips in industrial, commercial, and domestic settings. Something else you should know is that our establishment aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. In other words, we go out of our way to dispose of your waste in the correct ways.

So, if you need the finest skip hire Hartlepool can give, get in touch with us today. We can cater for any needs, from post Halloween clean ups to building work or house clearances.